We say it, but do we mean it? How often do we really listen to our body?

I have a tendency to overdo things. It’s never my first intention, it just happens. I can’t go easy. Not in a car, not in a project, nowhere. But I have to learn to understand the signs. Sings you wonder? Clear signals my body sends out, telling me exactly what is about to happen, but I don’t listen. I rather chose to ignore the signs, keep on doing what I do until it is too late.

It’s a fascinating game. I loose all the time but do not seem to learn my lesson. Why? Just tell me why? That something was wrong with my lifestyle would have been clear to everyone. To everyone but not to me? No! I was aware of what I was doing. I just didn’t give in. I simply wouldn’t accept. I am the one in command, am I not? It’s my birth right!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

The thing about me is that I like things to be hard. You are probably wondering what is wrong with me, I know, but I can explain. If you inherit a fortune and get everything you want life would be the most boring thing ever. Why? Because it wasn’t you. For me, everything I did in the past meant struggling. Going through school, going through life, doing whatever you are supposed to do. Later on I made life hard myself. I forced myself to study hard, doing my master degree, follow my path and reach all of my goals.

But in reality I was never meant to be like this. I wasn’t born becoming who I became. I am not supposed to be able to do what I do. Life had other plans. Did it really? No! Of course not! Life knows exactly what it is doing. Life knows who I am. Life knows how I am. Life puts me in this situation in order to learn. Learn and understand the lessons I haven’t understood before. Not in this life, not in the lives I probably had before.

Life is how it is, our bodies only try to help. Ignoring your body in order to get through with this one thing is not even possible, it is a necessity. You have to do it in sport, at work, basically everywhere. But constantly going over the limit is just wrong. It destroys you sooner or later. I have to learn this lesson. When do I understand?

Don’t fight your body, found an alliance and fight together, side on side.

See you next time!

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