Overdoing it constantly is one thing, but not having the guts for taking a break when needed is just stupid. We are humans after all. Even if we seem to cover this fact as hard as we can.

Needing a break is a clear sign of overpacing.

There has to be a limit somewhere and somewhere it is. The question is never about where the actual limits are, the question is how close to the limit you feel you have to go. The difference between a stressful day at work or a stress free day is not the work itself. It doesn’t matter what kind of a job you do, there are always stressful and stress free days. But are those days really that much different from each other? Or is it just our perception of those days that makes the difference? Any way, it’s time for a break, isn’t it?

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Taking time off is a skill we have to master. I am very bad at it, to be honest. I can’t switch off. I can’t loosen up and enjoy the present moment. I am too focused on reaching those idiotic goals of mine. I am too absorbed about missing out on something. I know it’s all just bullshit. I know it’s just me who is standing in my own way. But what can I do? It’s who I am. It’s what I want. It’s what I get.

I reach all my goals. I always get what I want. How can I make life more challenging is the question. By adding challenges? Probably not the right way for doing it but it works. There can not be a goal too high. There can not be a challenge too hard. But in order to do great things we have to be in the best shape of our life. We need to be healthy and free from worries and doubts. We have to be aware of what is good for us and what isn’t.

I had this whole week off. Time to recover, time to relax. I wouldn’t have done this, my body knew. So it send this injury my way to make me pause. It was good to have this break. I should really thank my body. The next time I have some days off I will try to relax in the first place, even without being sick or injured.

See you next time!

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