I can’t stand it. Honestly, what are they even thinking?

I am supporting a formula student team for the six year in a row. And for the sixth year in a row the team makes the same mistakes. Honestly, WTF?! How is that even possible?

With the start of the new season the whole mess starts all over again. The environment is always the same, the project is always the same, the tasks, the resources, the students. It all seems to repeat itself. But it doesn’t just seem to repeat itself. It actually repeats itself. There are good students and bad students, lazy students and over motivated students. You always have to deal with the same type of people. The lessons to learn, the problems to be solved, the mistakes to be made, the decisions to be take or not being taken. It’s all the same.

In the beginning I was motivated to make this cycle of doom an end. I thought that it would be possible to change the system, to change the repeating of mistakes. But reality taught me good old lesson about life. Things can be changed, things should be change, but nobody is willing to make a change.

If you take a look into nature you will see that the easiest way is always the way to go. Students by law follow this very same path. Nobody likes to suffer, nobody like to do more than they have to. Of course there are some of us out there, but generally speaking a student is too self absorbed to notice anything that is going on around them.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

People always ask me why I am doing this to myself. People ask me why I don’t stop, when I clearly hate doing it. It’s not a question of why I shouldn’t do it, it’s a question of why I should. It’s what I learn from this experience. It’s what I can take home for my own projects. I can support one student at a time getting better in what they do. And honestly, I am very lucky to always get the challenging ones. I never had the perfect student and I don’t want to. I want the student that I can support and help. And then doing a mistake twice is acceptable because I know that this student will not do it a second time.

See you next time!

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