Like some of you can already imagine, I might went a bit light on my current long term goals in life, not! But desperate situations mean desperate measures? Am I in a life crisis? Is getting to close to my goals make feel like I have to adjust them? Or am I just dreaming way too big now?

Reality looks pretty much like this. I have set my goals around five years from where I stand today. But that doesn’t mean that I have those goals only for those couple of years. There are some goals on the list for as long as I can remember. True, not all of them were old, some were pretty much new. Let’s take the “Master degree” goal as an example. I defined that in 2017 at the beginning of my bachelors degree but achieved it already in early 2021. Nevertheless, the most of them were at least another 5 years older. The Porsche 911 thing for example. Since I had my first ride in a Porsche I knew that I would get one, that was in late 2012. I am 10 years into the game of saving up my money and what can I say. I am getting closer day by day.

So, do I need to add further goals into my long term plan or not? Once life becomes comfortable we need another challenge. My current life is still far away from becoming comfortable, but still I have to at least think about where I want to be in 5, 10 and 15 years. The biological clock is ticking? Not for me! But still, I have to at least consider.

Following the 8 years trend I will stay single forever. It’s not that I want to stay single whatever it takes, it’s just happens to be that girls in my age are more interested in boring guys with no or the goals of those girls in life. I don’t travel, I don’t go to parties, I don’t waste my time, of course no girl likes that. Maybe I will open up one day and change but I don’t think so. I know what I want and that’s just not on the list, sorry.

But what would I even add? What comes next? Finally getting a dog? The second or third Porsche? Building a house? The pilot license? I guess that is pretty much it. What else should I add? My current goals are already pushing me into this direction. I don’t even think that I have to add some goals on the list. I will just keep on doing what I do and get what I want automatically.

See you next time!

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