It’s supposed to be a short story. Short stories is what this category is all about. But what exactly does “short” mean? How short is “short”? How long can the story be? How long should it be?

“Short” and “long” are two different words. While the word “short” is longer than then word “long”, “short” means short and “long” means something longer than “short”. Now I have your attention? What makes a short story great? Is it its length or better say its shortness? And I thought length is not important! Did my ex girlfriends lie all those years? That would be a great story. But it’s not a great story, it’s a small story. A short story is what it is.

Photo by Marta Longas on Pexels.com

A short story can not be long. But when does a story gets long? Where is the point in which a short story becomes a long story and vice versa? Who defines what a short story is? But if a short story can not be too long, can it be too short? Is one sentence for a short story enough?

This topic is rather complicated. Is todays post a short story? Is it a story? Where is the plot? Where is the overdramatized ending? Where is the action? Well, whatever. Since when do we care?

See you next time!

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