Yes, they do!

There is no need to talk around this answer. The prices are going down. Not dramatically, but it’s a first step in the right direction. The car market was a mess in recent years. The pandemic, the war, the supply chain misery. The demand of the market was too high? No! But there were not enough new cars entering the arena. A market always regulates itself. And so, of course the prices for used cars went up significantly.

But once prices going up, the demand has second thoughts. Is it worth paying overprice? And the answer is of course, no! So, eventually, the demand goes down. The consequences? Exactly, the prices are going down again. Well, that was the general car market. With Porsche 911’s it’s something else, isn’t it?

Hell yes it is.

Due to the limited amount of cars produced, the market is highly limited by itself. The demand can still vary, the amount of cars on the market as well, but what the Porsche 911 prices did in the last 10 years was against any rule. The prices for used cars didn’t follow the usual curve. Instead of loosing more than 70% of their former value, the 991 generation seldomly gets below the 30% to 40% marking. With the new 992 generation being more appealing for most, hopefully this will help the market to go down a little bit, but 992’s are just so much more expensive in the first place anyways.

With the economy looking quite struggling and the high inflation rates, the Porsche prices will go down eventually. Dealerships are sitting on their used cars for ages, because no one buys a used weekend toys in a situation like this, right? At least I think so. Germans are after all always on the safety side of things. We do not enjoy increasing our financial risks. And so, if the dealerships want to get rid of their cars, the prices will go back to where they were 3 years ago. Not that they are getting cheap or more affordable, but at least you do not have to pay over price.

See you next time!

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