My grandpa always watched it but fell asleep.

Having no history in racing whatsoever, of course I did know that formula one exist. But that was it. Later on in life formula one was just boring. I tried to watch it in 2018 but failed miserably. I watched most of the races but it felt hard doing it. Later on things went a bit easier. I developed an interest for formula one because of my better understanding of the engineering part of the equation. Being in my formula student team for that long I can appreciate the good work all those F1 teams are doing. This and the fact that you get way more information today then back in the old days. That’s not just a formula one thing, but a general topic in motorsport. While I was watching Nürburgring 24h races were there were only a couple of cars equipped with a camera or nearly no coverage at all. Todays motorsport broadcasts are much better.

It’s not necessarily what is going on in the media / social media world that is interesting to me, it’s rather the analyzation of what those drivers are doing to win or loose the race. I am not an expert or anything close to that yet, but after spending to much time with racing of course I understand some parts. And so watching formula one has become this family event where I will visit my parents and we watch it together. Sure, not every race, but most of the races.

Photo by Rezk Assaf on Pexels.com

F1 has changed. It’s not yet were it needs to be, but they have learned to present certain topics differently. It’s still a mainstream thing. It’s still not focusing too much on the technical side of things, but they are starting to explain the topics more simple. People with close to no background in motorsport have to understand the basics. Otherwise they do not get the joke. Sky is doing a good job. Other broadcasters do it good as well. Sure, the Netflix series was supporting a lot as well and has given the sport a lot more attention. But let’s see what the future will bring.

See you next time!

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