With the first snow the first act starts. Christmas is coming if you want to or not.

Christmas songs blasting up and down the radios. Thank god I don’t even listen to the radio. But they find their way into my ear. They always do. It’s not all bad about Christmas, or at least what our consume driven society has left of it. I can clearly see myself cuddling with my future wife in front of the fireplace. It just happens that I neither have the one thing nor the other. And so Christmas doesn’t really seem to be useful to me.

Sure, with Christmas coming up so soon I can finally continue my Christmas story, looking forward to this all year around. But this and probably drifting around in the snow, by accident, has to be it. That’s all I got? It seems like this.

For me Christmas isn’t all about getting drunk, eating too much or wasting my time freezing to death on one of those Christmas markets. I have been there, it’s cold and too many people. No, thank you! I am sure I can find something better to do.

So what else is there to say? Christmas is of course this time of the year where we have to take some days off. Not that I am complaining, I already need the break again. But while the time is flying by even faster, I wonder what the fuck I am even doing. I am single for how many years by now? 8? Isn’t it time for a new love? And I am not talking about the beautiful silhouette of a 911 here.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

Well, time will tell. But I don’t think there is a girl around sharing the same interests and way of living. Luck will probably not do the job, I need a miracle.

If you do not read my Christmas story from start to end this year I will be very disappointed. I know that last years chapter wasn’t as good as the once before. But I will set the bar a bit hire this year, I promise.

See you next time!

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