Yes, it is true. Without a reason life doesn’t make any sense. Just try it out yourself and you will see.

Tell me your reasons and I tell you if you succeed.

This could go on forever, but the message will not change. A good reason is essential! Get at least one good one in case you haven’t been productive in a while. People go to work. Why? Because they have their reasons. Money, fulfillment, boredom, there may be as many reasons as people on the planted. What kind of reason you pick is up to you. What we think about your reason is non of your business. As long as you see the point in doing it you will do it. No matter what they say. No matter what they think.

Photo by Efrem Efre on Pexels.com

A reason worth fighting for is what you need! Get one! It will make anything so much easier!

See you next time!

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