When was the last time you really took some time for yourself?

And we are not talking about a date night, a movie evening or whatever you have in mind. No, I am talking about spending time with yourself just by yourself. No music, no book, no distractions. Just you and yourself.

In this modern world we tend to hustle from one thing to the other. We chase after the things we want to achieve but totally forget about ourselves. We, our body I mean, it just has to work. And once it doesn’t keep up with the pace we take our medicine, go to doctors and make it work again. Not noticing that it’s our body telling us something. Telling us something we should listen to. And if we don’t, it will gets so worse that we do listen in the end.

Photo by Luis del Ru00edo on Pexels.com

But taking time off isn’t easy. It doesn’t feel right. We feel kind of guilty for not being productive. We think that we do not deserve the break. At least not now. Not for what we have achieved so far.

We have to learn taking time off again. We have to enjoy the moment. Relearn what we knew from the start. As Childs we knew how to enjoy life. Making the moments count. We just have to remember. It can not be that difficult, can it?

See you next time!

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