The perfect day exists, you simply have to believe it.

It’s not meant to be. A day should never be perfect. But what makes a day a perfect day? What does it take? What does it cost?

Experiencing something perfect isn’t what we usually do. Struggling is a part of our identity. Looking forward or backwards. Looking left or right. But the present moment can never be as pleasant as our expectation of it.

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com

If the theory is right, the perfect day does exist. It comes in handy, surprising our day to day struggle. But what seems to be the perfect day for me, isn’t your perfect day after all. Some like surprises, others love being prepared. My perfect day is a day I have lived a thousand times before. I love the repetition. I love the rhythm, the same tact.

The perfect day will come when we are ready. Ready to let go. Ready to live. Ready to be who we are.

See you next time!

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