Wednesday, 22.12.2021

… It was a short walk, or at least it felt as though when the passageway suddenly opened up, guiding them into a bigger hallway…

It was the smell that got her. The mixture of wood and other materials. Victoria wasn’t sure what the smell reminded her of, but as soon as she had seen the larger parts of the house, she knew that she was already in love. It was the simplicity of the place that made the difference. Proving that living space wasn’t everything after all. Besides, Victoria noticed that it wasn’t the wine who finally got her, it was the jet lag that kicked in.

She probably needs some rest. But God does she look cute fighting of her exhaustion. It is time to call it a day no matter how long you want to continue looking at this beautiful thing.” Eduard reminded himself and finally interrupted the silence. “And that is where the magic happens!“, Eduard pointed to a wooden door, telling her that this was his home office. “Your room is upstairs! The first to the right. I will go back getting your luggage and meet you up there?” “Sounds like a plan!“, he heard her saying after him.

The staircase represented a piece of art by itself, combing brown wooden steps with a brushed aluminum railing. Victoria followed the cold handrail up to the second floor, wondering how many women have got so far before her. The carpet was as soft as he had described it and indeed represented a welcome alternative to her worn out shoes. They weren’t uncomfortable by nature, but Victoria was wearing them for over 24 hours already. “What a day!“, she thought, exploring the room around her.

The luggage wasn’t particularly heavy but Eduard could feel every step of the way. It wasn’t the weight pulling at his shoulders that was bothering him, it was the expectation of seeing her again. “Don’t mess it up! Don’t mess it up!” It came in like a mantra. “Please, don’t mess it up!

He should be back any minute! But where am I supposed to stand? Here? There? Next to the fireplace? Or should I sit? On the bed? But which side?“. Victoria felt as nervous as she hadn’t felt in a while. They weren’t teenagers any longer. She knew what she wanted and she knew that he wanted the same.

Eduard’s heart beat increased significantly. His chest represented a resonance body of his emotions. “You can do it! Just act normal! Don’t push her! Everything will be fine!“. While holding the two suitcases in his hands, Eduard used his elbow to apply just enough pressure on the doorknob to make it move. Even though it was his leg that did the bigger part of the job, at least it allowed him to take one last breath before seeing her again. He wouldn’t deny it, it wasn’t the smile that got him, it was her half naked body standing confidently in front of him.

Anika woke up by the morning sunlight which was already illuminating her entire room. Her sleep wasn’t particularly efficient recently but the wine from last night did seem to have done its job properly. After switching on her iPhone, Anika got reminded about her most boring private life. No messages, not even a single e-mail from the office. Anika didn’t feel like missing out on everything, even though her parents strongly disagreed. No guy that had texted her, no exciting story from one of her friends. She could check the news, but that was it.

The morning coffee did its magic, but not allowing her to forget about last night. He was here, right next to where she was sitting right now. Elegantly dressed, perfectly in shape and equipped with this smile someone would kill for. A smile someone else would see this very instant. Anika tried to fight of the daydream but lost. They were already laying there next to each other, cuddling in the morning sun.

Eduard woke up first, triumphantly looking to the girl next to him. He wasn’t feeling proud of what he did, knowing that it was her after all who was responsible for it. But he felt happy that it happened. It felt as if pure happiness was rushing through his veins the very second. He couldn’t take his eyes away, not for a single moment. Her blonde long hair, the sunlight reflecting on her perfect skin. He must be in heaven, or heaven must feel like this. Eduard couldn’t hold back his emotions and leaned in to kiss her softly on the forehead.


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