#1256² TO THE TOP  ↑² – S3 E8 – GETTING UP EARLY

The early bird gets the Porsche

I know, it’s my personal interpretation of the early bird thing, but practically it’s the same. Being or rather pretending to be the early bird does seem to have its advantages. But are the rumors true? Do early morning wakeup calls improve our life quality?

I am an early bird since I was born. Ok, I had a phase in-between where I could properly sleep till 8 am or 9 am in the morning, but those times are over again. It’s not that I have to get up early every day, including the weekend by the way, it has just so many advantages for me. The traffic at 5 am is nearly not existent, people usually don’t call you at 6 am or schedule a meeting, even though I tend to do this with other people that get up early as well.

Photo by Simon Berger on Pexels.com

Simply put, you start into every day of your life with a very productive 2 – 4 hours time window in which you can just do stuff. But you want to hear some numbers, don’t you? If I go to the office during the week, depending on which office I chose I get up between 4:00 am and 4:45 am. On a home office day it’s 5:45 am and on the weekend I do not set my alarm clock, but usually it’s precisely 5:45 or a bit earlier.

It’s of course your personal lifestyle that should be considered before choosing the early bird method, but for my life it’s the best I can do. Honestly, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do all of what I do. Always remember, a day has only 24 hours.

See you next time!

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