I made it, just in the wrong category.

For all the non German speakers. This says the following: “In 2022 you have streamed 131.725 minutes. This is more than 99,5% of all the other users in Germany.” Well, I don’t know if this is a thing to be proud of, but it is definitely another indicator for me being different.

Of course I haven’t “wasted” all of that time just sitting around and listening to music. By the way, we are talking about 2.195 hours or for the sake of simplicity, 91 complete days. That wouldn’t be possible for anyone, especially not for someone with as many projects as I do. But of course Spotify is running all of the time in the background. When writing this very thing, when working, when racing, when doing sport. I never really understood why people listen to music all the time, well, nowadays I tend to listen to a lot of music as well.

Out of those 131.725 minutes, or 2.195 hours or 91 days, I was listening to podcasts for 49.689 minutes, or 828 hours or 34,5 days. Meaning that it wasn’t a total waste of time. Learning by listening to podcasts is a thing I started during my time at university and it’s a big thing in my life ever since. It’s just so easy and efficient to pick up interesting stuff while doing something else entirely.

But how does it come that I have so many hours? Well, every time I drive with my car, Spotify delivers the entertainment. I am not driving a lot, but I drive to work and stuff which adds up. Well, then there is the time for doing sport, being on the racing simulator, doing tasks at work, having a walk, eating, writing my blog. You get the picture. Being sick all year around I spend a lot of time in 2022 laying in bed and listing to podcasts and the like.

Next years statistic should be better. And with better I mean less hours? Well, we will see. But it feels nice to be in the top 0,5 percent of something in Germany. Just kidding, actually, I don’t care.

See you next time!

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