12 month later…

Friday, 23.12.2022

The spectacular view was always the first thing he would get used to. Eduard had lots of experience with that already. But compared to what he saw next to him, he couldn’t care less about the valley up north. The long blonde hair, the pointy nose, the ocean blue eyes. God must have been in a really good mood creating something as spectacular as her. Eduard was in love. In love with the girl he hardly knew.

It wasn’t supposed to be a special morning. Therefore, Anika didn’t try to show off her chocolate side. Somewhere in her apartment he must be. Making breakfast in the kitchen? Looking at the art work in the gallery? He was a man of taste. Probably he lost himself in one of the masterpieces about modern architecture. “So should I wait for him to wake me up? Or should I roll around in bed as noisily as possible?“, Her options weren’t limited, but her daydream fantasy strictly tried to follow the script she had gone through at least a thousand times in her mind. The smell of fresh coffee, the toasted bread, the fright eggs. Anika felt hungry already. “He doesn’t seem to be the noisy kind of guy.” Anika’s mind continued, “But this doesn’t need to be a bad thing after all. Just wait another minute or so. He will come eventually.” But he didn’t.

He had picked her up yesterday. The car did already know the way. The Terminal 2 of the Frankfurt Airport had played a mature role in their young relationship. Eduard wasn’t very fond of the word “long distance relationship“, but it described precisely what they were having. A long lasting relationship with just this one tiny flaw, the distance between them.

Anika neither knew the time, nor did she knew for how long she had been waiting. But it was way too long already. “Fine, if the mountain doesn’t come to the prophet, the prophet goes to the mountain.” Her white bathrobe hugged her hips perfectly, extenuating her feminine side. It wasn’t her usual thing to go all in on a first date, but for the prophet inside of her it just felt right.

He is not in the kitchen. His is not in the hallway. Ah, he must be in the art gallery, then!”. The wooden floor felt cold on her bare skin and for an instant she regretted not wearing socks. But which girl would wear them? In the movies they were always wearing the business shirt of their trophy men, the shirt, their own slippers but nothing else. Especially no socks. And so Anika made her way to the other side of the apartment. Reaching the door into her own fantasy world.

Victoria still couldn’t believe it. Today was the day. She, the American girl would become a German housewife. She never thought that this day would come, but now that it was here, actually, it felt pretty damn right to do it. Going all in and moving to this guy she had met on a congress in the Middle East two years ago. Or at least that was her way of saying that they had met in a bar, consuming alcohol in a country that strictly forbid exactly that. Well, what could she say. The shy guy wasn’t that shy after all. In fact, he was the first guy who had treated her with respect. Not that she needed it, but it felt good to have someone supporting her side.

Anika was ready, she pushed up her breasts, made sure her hair would sit right and reached for the door. “Smile, god damn it, smile!”. But the smile didn’t last for long. The gallery was empty, the apartment was empty, she was on her own. It took her a while to understand. The missing man cloth in her bedroom, the silent apartment, it made just all sense. How could she not notice it? The signs were too obvious. Wasn’t it Kathrin who had warned her? “The guys on tinder, they are something else! They want you! Sure! But only for one night!


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