Reality shows that we are having too much stuff. Just look around this room. Do you really need all of that? Don’t you want to get rid of all of that? Start all over again? Having less makes life more pure, more alive, you should try! Just imagine, all that empty space, all that air, all those things you do not have spend money for, all those things you do not have to look at, to walk around, to clean.

It’s just a dream, your things are not really gone. It’s just in your mind. It’s a what if question. But try to imagine all the empty space. Everything gone. And now add things that you need. I said need! Not want! Just kidding! Keep on going. Put things back inside. Are you sure about this one? Oh come on! You have clearly bad taste! The goal is to have less, not putting everything back inside. Well, this game doesn’t make any fun with you. You are just putting everything back inside.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Less isn’t more. Having spend less means having more for future purchases. But we always stay within the circle. We are still a part of our over consuming society. There is no escape. Not for you, not for me, there is no escape for anyone. But we can at least consider, right?

See you next time!

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