Friday, 23.12.2022

Anika felt miserable. The guy was gone. The only thing he had left was the disappointment in Anika’s heart. How could she fall for this guy? Was her mother right once again? Was tinder just not the place for her to look? Anika disappeared underneath her bed sheet covers. “I hate my life!“.

The morning went by so quickly. Even though Victoria was quite familiar with the house already, she didn’t feel at home. There was just nothing personal hanging around. “At least not yet.” She was standing in the hallway unpacking one of the countless boxes. “Where should we hang you?“, Victoria asked herself in bewilderment, removing the dust from one of the picture frames she was holding in her hands. “Girls!“, Eduard commented from the back, carrying the other boxes upstairs. “Shut up! I told you that I would redecorate your place and you can not stop me!”

It wasn’t the redecoration that had hit him, it was the seriousness the moving in part brought into their relationship. Eduard never made a secret about enjoying his bachelorhood years. “Having no obligations is the best!” It was just him vs. himself. Two parties which hardly found an agreement. How should a third party enter the arena and fit in? Eduard was skeptical.

Nothing is forever!” “Mom, honestly! It was the first date!” “Oh my. But I have told you, haven’t?” “Yes mom, you have! But … I had hoped that you were wrong this time! I really did!

Ready?” “Ready!” The flat six boxer engine sprang into life. “And you really want to go there?” “Of course! I mean, seriously, don’ I need to have this Christmas market experience at least once in a life time?” Eduard wasn’t completely honest about that, of course he had been on a Christmas market before. But he was just a kid.

Mom, thank you! But I don’t know if I am in the mood.” “Oh come one, you love the Christmas market. Maybe we will find someone suitable there?” “Ha, ha! Mom! Shut up! Please! Stop it! I had enough men troubles today!” “You never know! So let’s get ready, we meet at 7 pm?” “Seven it is!

The sun had already disappeared when they reached the outskirts of the city. “This will be a cold night.“That’s why you can get Glühwein there!” Victoria’s German was still close to not existent, but she couldn’t prevent herself from implementing some of the words she had picked up over time. “What about don’t drink and drive!” “I can drive!”You wish you could!” “Shut up, idiot! I drive better than the most!

Eduard could agree on that. Indeed, her driving skills weren’t bad. “But let’s try to find a parking spot first!””As if you wouldn’t have found one the last time you have tried to park your car!” “Oh, come on! Don’t remind me about that! You know the struggle!” “Believe me! Everything will be fine! Just relax! Tomorrow is Christmas! What could possible go wrong?” Well, it didn’t took long.

The end of part III

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