Over the years mental health has reached a peak interest in our society. People believe that it isn’t enough to just be healthy but to actually feel healthy as well. The only problem? What do we do if we neither experience the one thing nor the other?

Some call it mental health, others call it being distracted.

That our mind is playing an important role in racing isn’t a secret. If we are mentally unstable we can hardly fight off our opponents, instead we loose our focus and start doing mistakes. But mental health and mental stability is something else entirely, isn’t it? Or is it the complete package that is so important?

Photo by Riccardo on Pexels.com

If you are afraid about loosing something and act like that you will loose this something. If you can’t deal with whatever life is throwing at you, you will go under. Mental health plays an important role. But which role does it play? Is it the awareness of what is going on around us or is it in fact the complete opposite? Loosing the world around us from sight.

You can switch on the news and absorb everything bad in the world there is to absorb. Or you can skip the news and have different thoughts. Either way you are still the same person. Mental health doesn’t come from the outside, mental health is an internal thing. It’s the story that we are telling ourselves that makes the difference. It’s what we believe in.

Distraction works, but it’s not the solution.

See you next time!

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