It is about time for a break, time to recover, time to relax.

My winter holidays are here. “Yehaaa!” Or as I would say. “Oh no!” I don’t want a break! I don’t need a break! Please! Let me work! I am just kidding though, even a workaholic like me needs and wants a break from time to time. I am not saying that I will “waste” those two weeks by doing nothing of any importance. But I will definitely not think about work!

Compared to how my situation at work looked like a year ago, I can proudly say that I have everything under control. Sure, I am still working a bit too much, not reaching my 40 hours a week limit, but my stress level has decreased significantly and I feel finally at home. In fact, I can not even remember the last time I had to over pace at work. And that’s a good thing, considering how often this has happened just one year ago.

Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels.com

So you are probably wondering what’s on the agenda for the next two weeks. Well, believe it or not, life goes on like it always those. Therefore, I am just not doing my job, but continue to do what I always do. Racing, sport, writing, reading, meeting with friends, having conversations at the phone, oh and of course spending some time with the family celebrating Christmas and one week after the new year.

Of course I will do my usual recap of the year 2022, I will do my yearly statistics, I will finish my financial report and all those other nerdy things I do. But you are probably doing the same, right? No? Well, then you better get going and do that as well!

Of course today is Christmas so I should probably wish you a marry Christmas, a happy family gathering and some fancy gifts.

See you next time!

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