Friday, 23.12.2022

Eduard didn’t make a secret about his disgust for the city center. He still couldn’t believe living there so long. “This traffic is the worst!” “This traffic isn’t traffic at all, you should see the traffic in the US!” “Victoria, seriously?” “Oh come on! It’s just those couple of cars, we will be through it any time.”

Men!“, Victoria thought. Where is the big deal? There are things in life she will never understand. Eduard’s traffic phobia is one of those things. “Next time I will drive myself!“, Victoria noted.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” “Mom! Please, stop it!” “Everywhere you go!” “Mom!” “Take a look at the five and ten, it’s glistening once again.” “Are you serious?!” “With candy canes and silver lanes that glow!” “Mom! Stop it! I warn you!” “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! My honey doesn’t like this song! She is too young and too proud and too shy to sing a long! So I have to shut up!” “Thanks mum! Way better now! That’s how I like to walk over the Christmas market. In silence!”

You see! It wasn’t that scary to find a parking spot, was it?” “Well, certainly not! But I don’t know. It’s just triggering me all along. I can’t stand those people driving so slowly!” “Well, we made it! Let’s lock up the car and off we go!” “Christmas market here we go!!!! Too much?” “Too much, Eduard!

As they walked over the Christmas market, looking for a nice spot to have a drink, it started to snow. “Oh, look at that! An now it’s even snowing!” Victoria was fascinated by the little huts that displayed various forms of art work from wood carvings and paintings to undefinable items she had never even seen before. “I like this atmosphere! And it’s not even that cold, isn’t it?” “Surprisingly it’s not, but maybe that’s just because of all those heaters doing their magic in those little cabins. Can’t imagine how hard this must be to stand here all day long in those little stores.

It wasn’t time for them to leave, but Anika felt this inner drive to go. She wasn’t sure what caused the flight reflex until she saw him. Eduard …

To be continued next year…

The end of part IV.

See you next time!

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