It’s not that he cared, even though it was technically his job. Over the years he developed a tendency to become unreliable, or how they put it, funny. It was his direct approach, the open speech, the cold heartedness. They knew what they had, what they have and what they will have if they behave. A teachers life isn’t easy. A teachers life is the worst.

Living the dream, or dreaming about something better. It’s always something in between. Lucky or unlucky, it’s not the question to ask. It’s not what you do that defines who you are, it’s how you do it. But it takes years to understand the difference and even more years to figure out who you are. Passion was never his motive, it was a mixture of things, incidences, really, wrong decisions, life, pick whatever you want. The past doesn’t matter, it’s history already. The future is on his mind and will always be.

Photo by Dids on Pexels.com

The classroom has changed. Home schooling, 21st century technology. The media carrier is a piece for a museum. Life has picked up the pace. Change is what is in the air. Change, yes, I can smell it, but fear is also up there in the sky. The fear of missing out on the importance. Not that he has any chance for a change. He is clearly just a teacher and not more. But it’s the small things that makes the difference. The small things that decide who we become.

A teacher has and will ever be playing a big role in somebodies life. We all had teachers to remember and teachers to forget. It’s not the subject that mattered, it’s the personality and how they talked to us. It’s not the personal level that is important, it is the character.

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