It has the iconic shape, it has the six cylinder boxer engine, it’s the purest 911 experience money can buy. But Porsche doesn’t make it that easy, do they? No! Of course not! They have a huge 911 model range pretending that all those versions have their useful place in the world. Well, reality clearly shows that they are right in some cases, but not in all.

If you just want a Porsche, the basis is the way to go. It’s the low cost option in every sense of the word. Your bank account will thank you later. The only problem? We have all those expectations in mind. We have dreamed far too often about our personal Porsche 911. And so the Porsche 911 Carrera seldomly offers the spec we had in mind. It’s lacking those options you really need, or at least tell yourself that you need them. No, honestly, there are some useful options the basis is missing out on. A limited slip differential in the 991 range is just one example of that. But not all of those fancy features really make you faster. It’s quite the opposite actually! It’s nice to have, but heavy and at the end of the day just another thing that could fail some time.

The basis is always a good entry level sportscar. It has the appearance you are aiming for without making life too complicated. It’s getting into the car, starting the engine and having fun. And as long as you are not a race car driver looking for your personal best lap time, the 911 Carrera will satisfy you perfectly fine! For all the others, you might look for the bigger brothers. The cars with the options you need, or should we better say, want to have? It’s the most of the time just bragging about technical stuff, because around 95% of the people have no clue about how to really use all those technical add ons anyways.

So do I get a 911 Carrera? Well, now that you ask, I don’t think so. Even though my car will be used for every day driving on public roads primarily, I want to keep open the option to use it as a track car when the speed limit on the Autobahn has been introduced one day. And with that said, I need this slip differential, don’t I? So, I am currently aiming for at least a Carrera T. Hoping they will fall in price a bit until the beginning of 2024.

See you next time!

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