#1282² YEAR 2022 RECAP

Yup, that was it! 2022. Thank you for nothing! Just kidding! Thank you for this most wonderful year! A year in which a lot was going on, wasn’t it? Or weren’t I sick all the time?

Agreed, 2022 was tricky! I wasn’t in my best physical and mental health but it definitely helped me, or should I rather say, prepared me to take the next logical step in life. It’s the taking everything for granted part that always got me, well, after this year, I definitely learned my lesson.

Living in the moment!

For far too long I have been dreaming about a better future without seeing how awesome life already was. It’s always the things we don’t have that trigger us. But never the things we have already achieved. I did not got up in the morning feeling that I have everything that I need. Now I know that I have even more than what I need. I am young, I am healthy, I have a job that I love. Life is good, honestly! I have more than I need!

But we always need more! We need to achieve our goals! And so, 2022 set the foundation through which I will achieve all of my goals. Not just finically wise, but mentally. I have learned my lesson! I do believe that I understand it now. I do believe that I have solved the puzzle to happiness and fulfillment.

But more on that in 2023. Today we are only looking back!

2022 was the year in which I have learned the most about how to do my job! I am still not where I want to be, but I am getting closer every day! It’s just so fascinating to see how much we can learn and improve over time! My job is making fun! My colleagues are the best! And my boss, wow, I never had a boss like him! I can tell him everything and know that he is doing his best to make our life as good as possible. The company has still certain things to understand, but unfortunately all the companies are the same. Well, I can still do certain home office days, I have changed to an office closer to my home, I got a raise, well, what do I want more? A Porsche of course!

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com


The Porsche is planned for the beginning of 2024. So just one year to cover! Seems not that much after all those years of waiting! And so it will be a very Porsche focused 2023. I have to figure out what I want, where to buy and find a suitable car. Seems like a first world problem we all like to have!

So how do I rate this year 2022?

2022 will be remembered as an important year of my life, because it clearly showed me what I have to change in order to survive. I need to calm down, relax more and take life not that serious! And with that said, I am looking forward to this new year that has started today.

See you next time!

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