It’s been a while since I practiced that often on the simulator. Not that I do not had the time, but the lack of energy. The last year was tough, mentally very demanding. I felt sick the entire year around. And so I couldn’t really enjoy my simulator sessions. Honestly, it was just a thing I wanted to get over with. But as my health issues are getting smaller and smaller day by day, I am finally back in the seat driving like I am used to.

Driving has become an important part of my life. Agreed, it was somehow always in me but nobody knew why. Today I know what has happened, today I know why I went through such a change. But the past is history already. The only thing that matters is today.

Lessons learned, either I reduce the necessary break pressure on my breaking pedal or I shouldn’t drive for over 6 hours a day without enough leg training beforehand. Agreed, two years ago this wouldn’t have been a problem for me, but I am a bit out of shape. The goal for the next couple of weeks? Getting back in shape! Honestly, I am 27 and not 72.

See you next time!

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