It’s a terminology you use in racing quite frequently. It means that there is someone coming up from behind who will catch you because of some kind of an advantage like a better tire choice or race strategy. We, the sitting duck, can not do anything besides watching life doing its magic. Well, at least that is what we see. But isn’t that the wrong mindset all together?

Why does the sitting duck chose to sit in the first place? Why doesn’t the sitting duck change its position and get up? Questions nobody is asking. Why? Because we are too afraid about the consequences.

In life we tend to chose the easy way. We rather get overwhelmed by situations instead of changing the situations. We rather chose to give up the fight instead of die trying. We chose to be the sitting duck, waiting for someone more experienced to catch us.

Are you a sitting duck? Do you want to be a sitting duck? Exactly! So, why do you behave like one?

See you next time!

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