#1294² MEDITATION 4.0² – S7 E10 – NOT AGAIN!


It was just a dream? I am not doomed to stay in this beautiful looking buddhist temple for ever? Thank god, honestly! Mediations suck! It’s the most boring thing ever! Mediations and going to church. The thing about the church was easy, I just left. But running away from the topic of meditation doesn’t seem to be a wise choice, quite the contrary actually. The longer we wait the better the wow effect, agreed, but the less time to use our full potential.

Sometimes we just have to do it. I don’t like violence but it’s the only chance. I just hate it so much! It’s so damn boring. Or is it just the reason that I fail all the time? The truth might be somewhere in between. A combination of disgust and boredom. The meditation session doesn’t do itself. It’s the one time investment in life that pays off. But only if we push through until the very end.

See you next time!

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