It’s the necessary evil of the 21st century. We all know that it is coming one day. Usually to the wrong time. Not that it would be harmful. It’s just annoying. It takes away our most valuable time. Yesterday was such a day. I have ignored it for too long. I had to do it. This had to end, one way or another.

The update by itself is usually not the problem. It’s what is connected to it. Settings are missing, programs are missing, you know the struggle. Not that we are not used to it already, it just hurts. It hurts the overambitious heart of a young engineer. I am being overdramatic? Shut up! My story, my dramatization.

Once the update is completed we feel relieved. We are finally over it. The struggle already forgotten. That’s who we are. Humans, so silly! It was just an update and not the end of the world. The systems are still not running. But why should we care? Life is too short to get annoyed from software. They are just programs, a collection of code, words, letters, how should they harm us?

Those are the future stories we tell our grandchildren one day. We didn’t fought in the army, we didn’t struggled to survive the winter, no, we just fought again those silly updates. What a mess, what a shame. Listen to: “Worlds smallest violin” now to make the experience complete.

See you next time!

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