It’s been ten years since I have defined the goal to get a Porsche. Ten years in which I kept my goal in sight, always trying to save up as much as possible. Ten years ago I had no clue about cars. People who know me today still struggle to deal with this fact but it is true! In my youth I had nothing to do with cars. I was never the car enthusiast which I am today.

While a life without a Porsche might be possible, the last ten years have clearly indicated that, life is, generally speaking, still better with a Porsche in your drive way. Not that I had this situation that often in the last ten years, but on one occasion I had and it was fantastic. If my plan is working out, I will get my very first Porsche next year.

Why waiting so long you are probably wondering? Well, good question in deed. If I need, as I claim, a Porsche so urgently I could just buy one and right you are. But it’s not just about buying a car, it’s about getting the right Porsche at the right time that gives you the right feeling. Buying a Porsche isn’t a rational decision. It’s not a question of transportation, it’s about the experience. It sounds silly to the non car person but it’s true. We are seeking for the perfect car <–> human interface which just a Porsche can not deliver.

I am getting closer every day. Closer to the day I become a Porsche owner. Am I afraid about figuring out that owning a Porsche isn’t as much fun as I have dreamed about so many times at night? Of course I am! We are always afraid about not meeting our expectations. After ten years of waiting you are so connected to this goal in mind, there is not need to step away, I became the goal. I probably know more about those cars than self claimed experts. Am I an expert about those cars? Definitely not! I am just an engineer who absorbs anything there is to know.

What is a year compared to the ten years I am saving up my money already? And right you are! I can wait another year, easily! One day I will have it! One day it will be downstairs in the garage. Waiting for our next adventure.

See you next time!

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