Recently I was wondering why I write about so many different topics here on my blog but not about the one essential ingredient of my daily life. –> Sport. Or how others call it, torture.

Growing up in Germany, of course I was playing soccer. It’s a proper sport, no doubt about that. But it’s rather injury intensive, at least it was for me. Therefore I stopped at the age of 16. I was also playing a couple of years table tennis, age 6 – 10, but please promise to forget about this instantly. Besides I found my love for cycling at a very young age. My dad does it a lot and so of course I would follow in the same foot steps. I went from smaller 30 km tours to 60 km tours with the Mountainbike, to 150 km road bike tours in the alps. I definitely hit a cycling peak at the age of 19 or so and since then have an up and down situation. Of course I also do the classical “fitness” or “gym” workout which I started shortly after losing weight in 6th grade. Yes, I was a fat little kid, but those times are over.

Getting exchanged for someone better wasn’t easy, but looking at the situation from todays perspective, it was the best thing that could happen to me. I developed my interest in motorsport, I found my passion for Porsche’s, I joined the formula student team, I learned English, there is just so much that has changed since those old days. But in relation to sport of course this changed a lot as well. Suddenly I had so much time! I was swimming a lot, I started sim racing, I did my regular workout routine. For a couple of years I focused on triathlon training but decided that wasn’t my path to go. With my years in formula student my complete workout was focused on racing, strength in the arms, legs and neck. I started to work on my coordination skills, my reaction time, my ability to keep up the pace and never loose my focus.

Today things have changed a little bit again. With the possibility of home office in my current job, I can implement even more sport sessions into my daily agenda. For the people who don’t know, I don’t even have to leave home for doing sport. We have a home gym, a swimming pool, my racing simulator and various other things I need for my training. Of course I also like being outside, doing hiking and cycling, but especially during the winter season a home gym is priceless.

So how to we summarize it? I am doing a lot of sport. Wouldn’t it be for my passion in engineering and cars my next career choice could have been in the world of fitness. I am not an expert. I don’t want to tell you how you should do it. I just tell you what I do. Trying to get a deeper understanding for what I should change and improve upon in order to get better.

See you next time!

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