Yes, you are right. This category is new. What is it all about? Renovating, redecorating and construction work. Is this really necessary? From my point of view it is. It’s a part of my life as well, even if it’s normally just a small side hustle and not more. Well, at least for the moment there is a lot to say, because it’s finally happening. We have started a long planned project. Creating my own little flat inside out house.

At this very moment I share an apartment with my sister. We have a lot of rooms therefore it’s not so bad. The only problem, we do want to have our own private space, don’t we? And therefore we are splitting up the apartment into two separate parts. What sounds like a big project is in fact not that big after all. The home gym will get transferred to a room in the cellar, my sister gets my current room and I get one of hers and that’s basically it. Of course there is some renovating and construction work to do, but as I said it’s just a small project.

What is the plan? The plan is quite simple. As you may already know I have a fable for tiny houses and clever living spaces, therefore I only need three rooms in total for the moment. The former home gym room becomes my personal workout, racing, working, cooking, relaxing room. Basically it’s going to be a man cave. The next room is my sleeping room and the last one the bathroom. Doesn’t sound too spectacular, does it?

See you next time!

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