It’s the one necessary evil we all have to deal with.

Where there is something there is air. And where there is air there is dust. Dust and all those other things who are lighter than air. The problem about cleaning is not the process itself but the fact that it is only a temporary solution. Our house gets dirty again.

We all have to do it, but who actually likes it? I tend to like order more than cleanliness. I can life with a little bit dust here and there. But once the things are not at their right place, gosh, I freak out. I always try to clean more often but then find more interesting things to do. What a coincidence.

Once my construction project is over I will clean more regularly. Why? Because there will not be much to clean after all. I want to go the minimalist way. Giving everything away that I do not really need.

See you next time!

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