It’s not important what others think about you, it’s important who you think you are.

Life is this fascinating thing between getting born and our death. Our lifestyle is the way we live our lives. It’s the style we chose, the style we accept, the style we live.

In the glorified past things were different, though. Life was hard. The chances small, peoples lives predetermined. My granddad’s dad had a really rough life. My granddads life was a struggle. My dads life was at least supposed to be hard. But what about my life? Is my life really that easy? Or is social media just suggesting that?

Every generation has its faults. Mine is soft and weak? Alternative thinking and stupid? Sometimes I really think that way. “Experts” pretend to understand the upcoming generations but they don’t. Not even I understand the upcoming generations and I am 27 years old.

No matter when you were born, picking a lifestyle is and was always possible. It’s not the world around you that predetermines which path you are going to take, you chose your path. Always!

See you next time!

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