This is a strange world in which we are living. Things are happening for the wrong reasons. The world around us, an ever changing environment. Not only do we have to adapt, we have to steer our way through.

What better way is there to take than a path that already exists? Following a route, getting guided by a navigation system, at least holding a map in our hands. Reality is different though. There are too many ways to choose from. Too many distractions. Too many obstacles in our way.

The perfect path doesn’t exist. And so we start our journey, most of the time not knowing where we want to go. Knowing the final destination is one thing, but nothing if we don’t know when we want to be there.

A plan is better than no plan. That’s todays title. It’s true, especially because the perfect plan doesn’t exist. Too often we plan too much and do too little. We talk too much about not knowing where to start when the journey has already started. We hesitate to make the next step and jump into the cold water, when we swim in the water already.

Don’t make it a habit to wait for the right moment to start, just do your thing, one day after the other.

See you next time!

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