#1310² MEDITATION 4.0² – S7 E11 – WORK CAN’t WAIT

With that mindset every boss would love you! The only problem? We have to escape the system. Work can wait! Wait for tomorrow, wait for another time, wait for the right time. I experience this on a daily level. Topics are getting escalated by people because they are so important but two weeks later when you ask about the current status nobody seems to care. The topics are not solved, they got exchanged by even more important topics.

The most important topics are not the loudest, they are the quiet problems that you hear about my coincidence. A conversation with a colleague, you plant an idea in his mind, moments later you get your problem.

Work can wait! We have to be able to stay in control. There is no point in loosing our focus. We do our job the best when we feel undisturbed and undistracted. Let’s keep it that way through the help of meditation.

See you next time!

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