“Believing in a past life is the esoteric cliche of an irritated generation. Nevertheless, we don’t know for sure. Scientists can figure out a lot of things these days.” “Are you saying that it’s just a matter of time then?” “Earthy resources doesn’t seem to cover up the expenses necessary to figure it out.” “So the Time Traveling Machine is our only option?” “This or simply a lot of strength to believe in it.” “Fascinating! Do you believe in it?” “Me, better don’t ask me!” “Why not?! Do you have a secret past life nobody should know about?” “Now, that you mention it …, nah, just kidding. But even if I had a shady past, I would probably not tell you! You or anyone else!” “So you would die with the secret in your mind?” “I would, knowing that I will rediscover it in my next life.” “Oh come one, stop this nonsense! How is that even possible? Do you leave a sign for your future self?” “I shouldn’t tell you, should I? You could cover up the signs and send me back into the endless darkness of this ice cold world.” “You know me, I wouldn’t!” “I couldn’t trust anyone, not even you! Sorry!” “So you know about your past life?” “Me? Nah, but if I could, I would tell you, most likely I would, wouldn’t I?” “But what about you? Why are you asking so many questions about this topic?” “Me? I, … I, … I’m just wondering.”

See you next time!

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