It’s the one topic people do not really enjoy talking about. Why? I guess it’s in our culture. Germany don’t like to stand out. But generally speaking, everything seems to be very expensive these days.

This world is an expensive place.

Well, we can’t help it, we need the Porsche anyways so better start telling us the numbers! 5k? 10k? Somewhere in between? Something less? Something more? Of course it always depends. It depends on the amount of cars you have, the kind of car you have, your insurance rate, your age, your driving style, the amount of km’s you are driving and the list goes on and on.

If you do not drive more than 10k km’s a year you can manage the 5k thing, I am sure about that, but it always depends. You can destroy a set of tires in half an hour, you can drive it for 5 years. You can change your brake discs like your underwear or you don’t. The sky is the limit! But if you know how, you can save yourself a ton of money.

Driving on a public road most of the time, you can lift and coast, you can drive a bit more careful around corners, you can avoid speeding tickets, this list might be endless as well.

So generally speaking, it’s up to you and your preferences! You can use some online calculators and actually they are pretty damn close. You can find out the service interval of your car, you can find the prices for the service, for insurance, for everything. There is just one mistake you shouldn’t do, ignoring those costs until it’s too late. If you do not expect the right amount of money to spend, you will have a very rough relationship with your car.

See you next time!

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