Doing sport while being sick is a no-go for me, at least if we talk about the real deal. I might have’t cared enough about my health in my youth, but those days are thankfully over now. When being sick our bodies need time to recover. Light sport can increase the recharging of our batteries, agreed, but that means walking in the fresh air and in the sun or doing some light movements and or stretching. What it doesn’t mean is ignoring your body all together and blast out a real workout.

These days I am sick again. It’s covid knocking at the door, but I just don’t open the door. I have tried my very best to fight off the symptoms and so far I do a great job with that. Last week I felt as good as I haven’t felt in a long time ago, silly that it’s always at the peak when we experience the next setback in life. Well, I can say whatever I want, until the person knew that she had covid it was already too late.

So what do I do know? No sport at all? It’s a difficult question to answer. Of course just laying around isn’t supposed to be the solution for everything and for a couple of days that is completely fine, but after that we have to get back on our feet. Today is Tuesday, I am able to work so it’s not that bad, I just feel a shortness of a my breath and my nose, a light headache and just a general exhaustion. I slept more than 10 hours in both of the the last two nights. I avoided overdoing it in any way. The moment I will feel getting better I can consider doing some sport again, but currently it’s only getting worse. I will keep you updated.

See you next time!

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