The first step is always the most fun part, isn’t it? Getting whatever it is out of the room. Cleaning up isn’t the right word to describe the process. It’s rather a combination of an anti-aggression seminar and a fully body workout. The room was used as our home gym before, therefore we had to remove everything out of the room. The old wardrobes, the heavy fitness equipment, the dusty bookshelves, a desk, some trash, some old projects for my sisters architecture program at university, basically everything. But before we could move everything out, we had to make space for the stuff somewhere else. The new home gym is in the cellar now, some stuff got thrown away, other stuff needed to be stored somewhere else.

Surprisingly it took us only four days which is quite amazing considering all the stuff we had to move. True, I invested a lot of time and energy in it and my family helped, but still, I was planning with two to three weeks. Now that the room is entirely empty we can start with step two. The removing of the paint at two of the walls in order to insulate them correctly afterwards.

See you next time!

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