Mornings are the best. The air is fresh, the first sun rays are fighting their way towards earth, the birds are singing and the idiots are still sleeping. I mean it, there seems to be less idiots up already. Agreed, maybe that’s just a misinterpretation from my side. Just because there are less people awake that doesn’t mean there aren’t any idiots. As the German saying goes: “Jeder Tag steht ein Dummer auf, du musst ihn nur finden.” Which means something like that there is someone stupid getting up every day, you simply have to find the person in order to make a good deal. I tend to find them everywhere, even at 5 am on an empty German Autobahn. And just to make it clear, I am not talking about myself!

But it’s not just that. The huge benefit of getting up early is that you get some undistracted work hours in which body can prevent you from being productive. Honestly, it’s the only way I can do my job properly and keep all the projects align.

See you next time!

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