#1317² RACING IS LIFE² – S8 E13 – ROLEX 24h AT DAYTONA 2023

One week ago the second 24h endurance race of the season was over. It was more interesting than personally expected, but it wasn’t the show some might have foreseen. With Porsche, BMW and others entering the prototype racing again of course this will make the class finally more interesting again, but the sport is too far way from what the average person can find an interest in. Win on Sundays, sell on Mondays is the only real OEM Motorsport strategy. And so far, they did a great job with cars that look at least like their little brothers who are hanging around at the dealerships. Well, with the prototype classes I have my serious doubts. Of course you can still fight for the prestige, but that’s the only thing you are fighting for, ignoring the nice Rolex watches for the driver lineup.

I guess the future will tell if the spirit of the OEM’s is really what the sport is all about, or if they will disappear as fast as they appeared once they notice that it costs just a bunch of money and you can’t fight the BOP. Anyways, there is just one thing I really hate about American endurance racing. Exactly, their safety car procedure. WTF is wrong with them? That’s not endurance racing as it should be, of course they want to increase the safety and I totally get that, but there are other solutions on the market that at least let the teams win by a great job start to finish and not just catching up after every accident or standing car. Well, I hope Bathurst will be better!

See you next time!

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