Whatever we do, or let’s rather say “trying to do”, the distractions are always close by, offering the better alternative to whatever we were meant to be doing.

We can fight off the urge to get distracted, we can stay strong and focused, in theory it’s possible, but reality writes its own story. Distractions do get us sooner or later, a person who denies this might be too distracted to notice. Sometimes distractions aren’t bad. We have all tried to get over the first love of our life, a bad day in the office or just zero motivation to do whatever was on the agenda.

It’s not that I hate distracting myself, we are all doing it, but it makes life so easy, doesn’t it? Our problems seem to disappear, our brain stops thinking, just try it yourself and see whatever happens with you. Or aren’t you finding yourself scrolling through your endless social media feed at least from time to time?

You see! It makes us humans be a bit more human. We are all getting distracted from time to time. And that’s ok, at least as long as we still notice what we are actually doing. Procrastinating, pushing away the problems to solve. Life without distractions isn’t possible. Just notice what is going on.

See you next time!

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