It’s the thing that everybody remembers what they did on the 11.09.2021, even though some of us, like myself, were only 6 at that time. Unforgettable moments burn itself into our brains in such a way, that we really can’t forget. Positive or negative, important or not, certain moments in life make their way into our mind and others don’t.

When you repeat the same day over and over again, the days will blend perfectly into each other. You will loose your sense of time and therefore have a hard time remembering on which day you did what. Flipping this around, doing a lot of different things helps us to keep track of our time. Fascinating? Or isn’t that just logic? It’s the way our brains work.

The next time you are trying to remember something change your location to somewhere unique and you will see how easily this will stick to your mind. It’s not magic, it’s just the way we learn. Make your life unforgettable and you will not forget.

See you next time!

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