Prologue: It’s not a secret that I am a long time single, 7 years and counting. Therefore, as you can probably imagine, Valentines Day isn’t a very special day in my calendar. Actually, it’s just a day like any day. Realizing that todays heading tried to send me a message, I couldn’t refuse. Todays post is: #1326 SHORT STORIES – S2 E14 – A FOREIGN LOVE. Or rearranged: 14.02.23 & 1+6 = 7 years single. Thank you very much for reminding me, life! Well, since we are already here, let’s hear a Valentines Day inspired short story. Enjoy your day with your loved ones and always remember, it’s not about the flowers, it’s about you.

Coincidence? Faith? A definite plan? Life writes its own story. He wasn’t surprised about the message, this had happened before. But he was surprised about the conversation. Never ever had he felt it that early. A connection? Maybe more! The conversation was different. She was different. Normally the girls wouldn’t even text him back, but if they did, it was just for dissolving the match. A horrible mistake from their side, getting distracted while swiping seems to have become the 21st century drunken bar experience. Embarrassing, but if nobody saw you, fine. Anyways, the girl he was looking for didn’t exist. Nowhere! At least not on this planet. Occasionally, once every year or two, when Venus was standing right, like close to never, but when he really had found a girl and thought she was the one, sorry for the spoiler, but she wasn’t. They could pretend to be the over ambitious girl of his dreams, but sooner or later they all turned out to be cheating about their bio. They could claim whatever they wanted, it wasn’t real, it couldn’t be. Give it a couple of days and the euphoria soon vanished. Tell them about your own dreams and they are gone.

But this time it seemed to be different. She seemed to be different. An equal performer, if not an overachiever. She was fun, she was good looking, she was everything he ever wanted. Ironically she wasn’t, but he didn’t seem to care. His requirements, gone. His expectations, overwritten. “Was she the one?“, he wondered late at night. He couldn’t find the sleep necessary to get through the days, but he didn’t even care. His life would make sense now. It all would perfectly fit together.

Was this even possible? Is there really someone out there? The dream of finding the one, no longer just a dream? He felt things he hadn’t felt in a while. Carrying a most bizarre romantic interpretation of life in his heart, he could probably have carried over from a past life in the 17th century. “Old school“, was how his friends had described him. Being an over dramatic long time single romancer. But he couldn’t help it, he finally seemed to have found a potential candidate. The one? A one? At least a friend? At least anybody? Someone who would be able to push his limits?

Is this really happening? Or is this all just a silly mixup of thoughts, a feverish dream, an interpretation of how life could look like in a different mortal shell? He tried to wake up but he couldn’t. He was either still dreaming or not dreaming after all. Something told him it could have been for real. He felt the need to check his phone, always, every second, desperately looking forward to the next message from her. He missed those endorphin shots once the screen lighted up. He missed the nervousness in his fingertips while typing his answers. He missed the uncertainty of not knowing for how long to pretend to not having seen her message already. A glance to the phone, nothing, nothing, no messages. Come on! Come on! Please! Please! Suddenly, the screen lighted up. A message! It must be her! It had to be! Get ready brain! But what is that sound? “ALARM”. It’s the call of reality, trying to pull him back into his silly life. He tried to fight off his mind but couldn’t, she was already gone. Next to the alarm clock he read. “05:45 am Tuesday, 14. of February.” and thought, “One day my friend, one day.

See you next time!

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