#1327² MEDITATION 4.0² – S7 E12 – MUSIC

We all listen to some kind of music. Some call it music, others call it noise, harmony, pick whatever you like. Some songs seem to hit our sweet spot and others don’t. Is it the rhythm? The tone? A combination of things? It’s the complete package I guess.

We listen to a song and feel connected. We may remember the place we heard it the last or the first time. We may can date it back to some phase in our life. But music can offer more than just the pure joy of listening to it. Some may dance, or express their feelings, others feel great, sing along or feel pumped, hyped, ready for their workout, workday, or whatever it is.

Certain songs seem to have a very calming effect on our mind. We feel relaxed, focused, free. It’s a way of escaping reality. Just for a minute or two, an hour or two, a day or two. Life can be rather busy sometimes, we all know that. Music can help us to keep it cool, to keep it under control, to remember what is important and what is not.

It doesn’t need to be the classical meditation practice. Just listen to a song or two while staring out the window, have a walk in the park and breathe in the fresh air. Look at the world of music differently and discover its potential.

See you next time!

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