It’s a matter of taste, isn’t it? Or is there more to know?

Generally speaking the difference between a 4 wheel drive and a 2 wheel drive system should be clear to everyone, but who knows, maybe someone out there is a beginner and needs to know. A 2 wheel drive system means that two wheels from one axel are transmitting the power to move the car. In a Porsche that is the rear axel. A 4 wheel drive system means of course that all four wheels can transmit the power onto the street.

What’s the big deal? Isn’t a four wheel drive system better anyways? Well, that depends on what you are planning to do. A four wheel drive system can create more traction in certain situations, agreed, but it’s heavier and it consumes more energy. The all road system needs more components, therefore there are more parts that could break down, of course it’s a Porsche that doesn’t break down, but it could.

So, it’s really up to you. Do you want to go the purist way? Do you drive a lot in rain, snow and dirt? And which car are you planning on buying anyways? Because certain models only come in 2 wheel or four wheel drive configuration.

At Porsche you don’t say two wheel drive or four wheel drive anyways. If you are talking about a Coupe that has a two wheel drive system you theoretically say: Hey, look at my cool 911 991.1 C2. But in reality you don’t say that. If it’s a two wheel drive car, it’s just a coupe. And if you have for example an 911 997.2 4S then the four stands for the four wheel drive system. So, you can memorize the following. If a 4 is not mentioned, it’s not a four wheel drive 911, at least as long as it isn’t a Turbo. Why? Because turbos are always four wheel drive cars, while the GT cars are always two wheel drive cars. Easy, right?

So what to buy? Honestly, that is up to you and your preferences. If you look for an all year allrounder a four wheel drive car is always nice, because it gives you a bit more confidence in tricky weather conditions. If you want to go on the race track every now and again, the two wheel drive system is your way to go.

If I get a Base or S 911 it needs to be a two wheel drive car, if I get a turbo it’s clear and a GT3 is not what I am aiming for.

See you next time!

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