#1329² SPORT – S1 E3 – HOME GYM?

After home office, home schooling and home shopping the home gym represents the next milestone of the 21st century modern home attitude? No, I think it was here before. I have seen a gym from the inside. I was in a couple of them. I even did an internship in a gym, can you believe it? But it’s not the same as doing your workout at home. True, there are less girls around you, or boys of course depending on what you are looking for, or like to look at, but at least nobody will distract you and prevent you from doing your workout in the way it should be done. At least if you have the possibility to do your sport at home.

Don’t try this at home! Is what they say, but it’s not what they mean. You can do your workout at home and don’t worry, you don’t need all of that fancy machinery. Sure, you need some kind of equipment and true, it’s a lot of monthly gym membership fees, but it’s still worth it. And here is why!

Time! Nothing is more valuable than your time. Use or loose it is what you have to keep in mind and the more often you use your muscles, the stronger they will become. Therefore, instead of commuting to the gym all day long, you can easily phase in a workout between whatever else you are doing at home which not only makes it easier for you to do more, but also to have time in between to recover without actually using more of your time, quite the opposite, actually. You will need less time! Why? Because you do not get distracted, you do not need to wait for anybody, you do not need to commute to the gym and the like. You do not even need to look good while doing your training which is a plus, definitely!

I started doing my sport at home early. I was in fifth grade. Since then, my home gym expanded itself, piece by piece, machine by machine. And so today I can proudly say that I have everything that I need! Honestly!

See you next time!

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