What was scheduled to be a one day job, if not an afternoon sprint, turned out to become the most disastrous adventure. Have you ever tried to remove paint from a very cold wall? Spoiler alert, it sucks!

Our expectations weren’t met, not even close. I had no clue that it would be such a struggle to remove the paint. The best technique? Heating gun and scraper. Everything else just didn’t work. We thought the grinder would do its magic, but not really. Besides the ton of dust it just didn’t work. There were two layers of paint. True, we could have tried to figure out a better technique, but I don’t particularly enjoy working with all that dust, so I have chosen the manual version. Actually, removing paint has something meditational. Music on and let’s go. It took me a whole week… Or in hours, like 25 hours for two walls.

But anyways, job done! Next stop: The installation of the insulation material.

See you next time!

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