It’s funny how this world works. Someone could assume that living in the 21st century with all that modern technology gives us the advantage of a lifetime when it seems to be the obstacle and not the savior. Too much information is as bad as having no information, at least if you can’t handle all those documents. But what makes things worse is the miscommunication that is happening all over the place.

People talk with each other in different languages and through multiple communication methods. The longer I think about this the more I wonder why there isn’t even more miscommunication happening in this world right now. Isn’t that just the logical consequence out of this complex system? Or aren’t the systems helping us to keep things simple? In the business world we use computer software, in aviation we use the nato alphabet, there are countless examples of what we do to avoid miscommunication. But it still happens, a lot!

What can we do? Stop communicating? Finding a better way of how we are doing stuff? I guess we can all improve in this field!

See you next time!

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