Sometimes it’s just a coincident, a mistake, something goes wrong. But out of this dilemma we can not only learn, but also figuring out new paths how to do stuff. We are growing up in the society around us. We pick up hobbies and interests other people did before us. It’s not really unique what we are doing, at least not the most of the time. But why is this the case? A lack of talent, creativity and the like? A lack of willpower, motivation and passion? A lack of everything? Or is it all just because we haven’t learned how to fail?

In an imaginary and perfect world there might be a perfect way for doing stuff. But our world isn’t perfect, is it? Sure, you can try to follow other peoples footsteps! Doesn’t that feel very comfortable, relaxing and safe, right? But always remember, following other peoples paths equals coping other peoples mistakes. You might do not make it to the top of the mountain like the people before you. You might make it to the top but with a large detour. The possibilities are endless, so are the paths we can take in life.

It’s not important that you do what other people expect from you. It’s important that you do what you expect from yourself. Work hard, play hard. Work soft, play soft. Do a combination of both, do it backwards, forwards, stop in the middle. Honestly, just do what you want!

See you next time!

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