Isn’t it fascinating to live in the 21st century? Don’t you see all those great inventions? The internet, smartphones, electric cars … Oh god, WHAT! Electric cars?

What people call modern, technologically advanced, or whatever else they can come up these days is neither really new nor the best thing in the world. It’s just something we already know in a different form.

The internet is just a network of connections like the old cable telephone. The smartphone just the combination of a computer and a phone. And the electric car, well, basically it’s just the same as the electric cars 120 years ago, nowadays just with a couple of screens, a better design and for sure, batteries that are a bit better. But today is about the E-MAIL. A letter send through the internet. What an invention! Breathtaking!

The thing about the e-mail is, that it has become such a high importance in the business world. People sit there in front of the screens, typing in what they have to say. True, it’s faster than writing an actual letter, but it’s not the revolution of the communication systems of the world. In fact, it just makes thing worse, doesn’t it?

Working in the automotive industry, you get just so many e-mails. What is wrong with all those people? Don’t they have something better to do? I truly believe, that the e-mail is the savior of the 21st century. Whenever we feel like having a problem, writing an e-mail about it and sending it out to someone else feels like a relief. You did something, asked for help, made an offer, contacted someone outside your company. Pick whatever you like, it feels good but it’s not very effective. Once people can not actually read through their mails, sending them a mail is like waiting in front of someones door without knocking and leaving a couple of minutes later if nobody coincidentally opens the door. It could be your lucky day, but it certainly isn’t!

At least make them short! You promise? Don’t write thousands of words without saying anything. Stop this nonsense. Make it quick and dirty. Focus on what is important! Life is too short to waste it with reading all those nonsense e-mails. Well, my lunch break is over, let’s see who e-mailed me today!

See you next time!

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